Mark Akst


LBGTQ+ Romance/Fiction/Adventure

King Herod's Treasure

Action, romance, travel and history abound in the second book of the Mark Cohn series. Mark and his husband, archeologist Eric Jansen, are once again traveling across Israel and Egypt, this time to Mount Karkom, a rock formation entrenched in Biblical legend, and surrounded by an off-limits Israeli military base. Mark and Eric are convinced the cave dwelling at the summit contains proof that the rock is indeed Mount Sinai, and the events of the Book of Exodus are true.

Embedded in their expedition is an orthodox rabbi appointed by the government to supervise their efforts and prevent damage to any sacred sites or objects. Once in the cave, however, Eric’s archeological expertise and Mark’s metaphysical instincts reveal clues leading to the discovery of hidden treasure—a vast array of wealth taken by the Israelites during their flight from Egypt, and an emerging story that doesn’t quite align with the Bible…

It’s a race against time as Mark and Eric work to solve an ancient mystery before the government and religious authorities shut down their efforts and the precious knowledge is lost forever.

LBGTQ+ Romance/Fiction/Adventure


After selflessly caring for his aging mother for ten years, retired hotel manager Mark Cohn is ready to pursue some adventure. During the past decade, he’s cultivated an interest in Jewish history and first century archeology, and has planned a guided tour through Israel. Arriving in the Holy Land, he’s prepared for anything and everything…except his handsome tour guide, Eric Jansen.

Eric is a young, somewhat enigmatic archeologist, proficient in ancient languages and passionate about history, but reticent about his personal life. As the trip unfolds, so does the connection between the two men. Between camel races in the Negev desert, visits to ancient battle sites, and illicit nude swims in hidden pools, Mark senses there is more to Eric than meets the eye, and much more to the feelings Mark has for him. A near-mugging on a beach reveals Eric as a trained fighter, which only adds to his allure. But it’s the shared challenge of solving a mystery in Jerusalem that finally brings the two men’s passion to the surface, as they realize each is a treasure the other has been seeking.

Mark Akst’s debut novel is a gay age-gap romance within a travel adventure through the ancient lands of Israel. Join Mark Cohn and Eric Jansen as they unravel the mystery of King Herod’s treasure, and discover each other in the process.

LBGTQ+ Romance/Fiction/Adventure

The Mossad Warrior Spy

In the third book of the Mark Cohn series, treasure hunter Mark Cohn and his archeologist husband Eric Jansen face the most extreme test of their marriage. Eric continues to be secretly involved in the Mossad, Israel’s lethal spy agency. Trained in the Israeli Special Forces but now imbedded with the Mossad due to his superb linguistic skills, Eric is—unbeknownst to his husband—one of the agency’s most effective hunter/killers.
Outwardly traveling in the Middle East as an archeologist giving lectures about his discoveries of significant ancient treasure, Eric covertly performs adrenaline-filled missions ordered by the Mossad. Yet with each mission, the lie he tells Mark about his retirement from the Mossad grows thinner, straining their marriage. When a coup in the Middle East puts both men in mortal danger, Eric realizes the assassin’s knife can cut both ways, and is forced to choose what future path his life will take.