Mark Akst


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LBGTQ+ Romance/Fiction/Adventure


A Thrilling Adventure of Love, Treasure, and History Awaits!

Imagine a world where action-packed adventure meets heartwarming romance. This series introduces you to the gay Indiana Jones you’ve been waiting for. Mark Cohn’s escapades will take you on a whirlwind treasure hunt through modern-day Israel, uncovering historical secrets that have been hidden for centuries.

While this series is tailored to the LGBTQ+ market, its universal themes of love, adventure, and discovery resonate with readers of all backgrounds. It’s a celebration of love and the human spirit, transcending boundaries and bringing people together.

For those with a passion for history and a love for archaeological mysteries, “Mark Cohn and The Secrets of The Saffron Mountain – Book II” offers a thrilling ride.

In a world filled with stress and chaos, this book offers a welcome escape. It’s a chance to explore ancient secrets and to experience the joy of a well-crafted adventure story.

LBGTQ+ Romance/Fiction/Adventure

King Herod's Treasure

Here is a literary escapade that promises to fascinate readers with intrigue, history, and a dash of romance. Author Mark Akst’s latest literary art, “King Herod’s Treasure,” is set against the backdrop of modern Israel. This mesmerizing novel marks the beginning of an exhilarating series that promises adventure, discovery, and an alluring love story like no other.

“King Herod’s Treasure” takes readers on a thrilling hunt for adventure. Mark Cohn, the protagonist, finds himself standing in the presence of an ancient stone with a history as rich and tumultuous as the land itself. As Cohn reaches out to touch the massive stone, he truly grasps how deep was the history, architecture, and religiosity of the Temple Mount.

Intriguingly, the novel ventures into the mysteries of King Herod’s reign. Exploring the construction of the awe-inspiring Temple Mount in Jerusalem, all while maintaining a contemporary setting. As the narrative unfolds, readers will be taken on a roller-coaster ride through the annals of history, embarking on an adventure that navigates the battle-scarred streets of ancient Jerusalem and the modern wonders of Israel.

“King Herod’s Treasure” promises to resonate with a diverse audience. Members of the LGBTQ+ community, archaeology enthusiasts, and avid treasure hunters will have a real literary treasure on their hands. Beyond its historical and adventurous appeal, the heart of the novel lies in the poignant love story that blossoms between two remarkably different men.

As “King Herod’s Treasure” hits the market, it invites readers on an adventure, connecting ancient history and contemporary allure. For those who crave adventure, romance, and a touch of mystery, this novel promises an exhilarating experience that will keep pages turning long into the night.